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High Capacity Gensets

High Capacity Gensets

John Holt Engineering supplies, installs, commissions, maintains and services a full range of generators from 12.5 kVA (Prime Power) to 2,000 kVA (Prime Power).

The diesel gensets are powered by the world-famous Perkins engines (UK) and fitted with Stamford Alternators with either kick start or special controls including Automatic Mains Failure.

Paralleling and load sharing systems can be supplied by special order.

The generators also have an in-built Automatic Transfer Switch (A.T.S) function in the Panel which with only minor electrical adjustments at minimal cost allows the generating set to either start or shut down automatically when power from the mains or another source fails or is restored.

John Holt Engineering supplies Oil Distribution Transformers with conservator ranging from 25kVA to 2,500 kVA

The division also provides rental facilities for the procurement of these generators and comprehension after-sales service and spare parts backup. Through this wide range of generators, which sells nationwide, John Holt Engineering has established a reputation for quality, efficiency and reliability in providing power backup for both domestic and industrial purposes.

John Holt Engineering' quality generators have proved tremendously successful in factories, banks, Government Parastatals, hotels, hospitals, airports, offices and private homes. The highly trained technical staff of John Holt Engineering can arrange automatic systems and power sharing support and services.


ModelFuel Consumption l/hrkVA @ 50HzkW @ 50HzPrice
JH2000425.720001600Details | Inquiry
JH1500296.615001200Details | Inquiry
JH125025812501000Details | Inquiry
JH11002151000800Details | Inquiry
JH800163800640Details | Inquiry
JH700125.6635508Details | Inquiry
JH55098.5500400Details | Inquiry
JH40069.6350280Details | Inquiry
JH16632.4150120Details | Inquiry
JH16416.511.6Details | Inquiry
JH15029.9135108Details | Inquiry
JH11022.810080Details | Inquiry
JH8818.28064Details | Inquiry
JH6313.96048Details | Inquiry
JH4510.54536Details | Inquiry
JH336.93024Details | Inquiry
JH225.32016Details | Inquiry
JH22045.1200160Details | Inquiry
JH27553.8250200Details | Inquiry

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