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Almarine builds Canoes, Personnel Carriers and Speed Boats.
These vehicles are:

   boats on sale at John Holt Plc  

NameOutboard Prop. Eng. (opt)Overall LengthMolded BreadthStorage CapacityMax PassengersMolded DepthBodyMaximum SpeedCrewPrice
Almarine A30 Sea Princesstwin 200hp Yamaha 9.15M3.5M1000Kg10 -161MHeavy Duty GRP272Inquiry
Almarine A42MT2x318hp Yamaha 12.8M3.07M1500Kg401.52MHeavy Duty GRP253Inquiry
Almarine A40MTtwin 318hp Yamaha 12.19M3.1M3000Kg582MHeavy Duty GRP253Inquiry
Almarine A27WB / AMBULANCE2xYamaha 150hp ~ 200hp8.23M2.4M300 Kg151.2MHeavy Duty GRP302Inquiry
Almarine A30PDtwin 318hp Yamaha 9.10M3.50M1000Kg161.00MHeavy Duty GRP302Inquiry
Almarine A27WB2xYamaha 75hp ~ 115hp8.23M2.40M300kg16 - 251.20MHeavy Duty GRP20 ~ 322Inquiry
Almarine PP19CR/EX2xYamaha 75hp ~ 115hp5.79M2.36M200Kg101.03MHeavy Duty GRP301Inquiry
Almarine A23PC2xYamaha 75hp ~ 85hp7.01M2.10M200Kg180.6MHeavy Duty GRP18 ~ 352Inquiry
Almarine A23U2xYamaha 40hp ~ 75hp7.01M2.10M200Kg200.6Heavy Duty GRP18 ~ 351Inquiry
Almarine A19PC2xYamaha 25hp ~ 55hp5.79M1.6M50Kg120.6MHeavy Duty GRP321Inquiry
Almarine A19U1xYamaha 25hp ~ 75hp5.79M1.60M50Kg120.6MHeavy Duty GRP18 ~ 351Inquiry
Almarine A25C1xYamaha 8 HP7.5 M0.90 M15006N/AHeavy Duty GRPN/AN/AInquiry
Almarine A20C1xYamaha 8 HP6.0 M0.90 M1000 Kg6N/AHeavy Duty GRPN/AN/AInquiry

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