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Fire Fighting Equipment
  Angus & Rosenbauer
Fire Fighting Equipment

John Holt Plc is the sole distributor in Nigeria of Angus and Rosenbauer fire fighting equipment, for which we provide a broad spectrum of fire and safety equipment and services.

Collaborating with Angus Fire UK and Rosenbauer of Austria, John Holt Fire Protection division has maintained leadership positions in sales, installation and maintenance of fire fighting equipment in the country.

Angus and Rosenbauer products are manufactured to European standards for quality.

John Holt Fire protection has the exclusive rights for handling the following range of Angus and Rosenbauer products:-

  • Angus Fire Extinguishers;
  • Angus Foam Concentrates;
  • Angus Fire Hoses and Fittings;
  • Angus Fixed and Portable Foam Equipment;
  • Angus Monitors;
  • Angus Fire Pumps;
  • Rosenbauer Fire Trucks

To meet the challenges of a dynamic industrial era, our emphasis is on the quality of our human resource. Close ties with Angus and Rosenbauer ensure that staff are up to date with the latest technology, and that products and spares are available all year round


John Holt - Angus fire extinguishers in Nigeria
Angus fire extinguishers
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The range of portable Angus fire extinguishers includes gas cartridge and stored pressure operated models. Ergonomic design includes wide neck rings for easy servicing and maintenance, and high visibility colour-coded zones for instant type identification. Mobile models are available in Alcoseal multipurpose foam; Monnex, BC and ABC powder; and Carbon Dioxide.
  • Full range of gas cartridge and stored pressure operated models
  • High visibility colour-coded zones for instant type identification
  • High specification paint finish for extra corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomic design for easy servicing and maintenance
  • Ideal for wide range of industrial and marine applications


John Holt - Angus foam  in Nigeria
Angus fire foam
When you buy a Angus Fire foam concentrate from John Holt Plc you enter into a partnership with a company that is dedicated to supporting you. We represent in Nigeriathe largest foam manufacturer in the world, offering a complete range of environmentally responsible protein-based and synthetic products. We offer products that are UL Listed and certified by LASTFIRE. The Angus' leading foam scientists have a proven track-record of innovation, and we also offer an award-winning foam testing service and the world's premier emergency foam delivery service.
  • The world’s largest manufacturer of natural protein and synthetic based foam concentrates;
  • Used by fire fighters the world over for putting out flammable liquid fires.


John Holt - Angus Fire Hoses and Fittings in Nigeria
Angus fire hoses & fittings
Angus Fire is the world's leading manufacturer of layflat covered fire hose. A comprehensive range of BS 6391 Type 1, 2 and 3 fire hoses are available in diameters from 25 to 150 mm. Our comprehensive range of fire fighting fittings includes instantaneous delivery hose couplings; branchpipes and nozzles; blank caps and plugs; adaptors; collecting heads and manifolds; standpipes and hydrant keys, suction hose couplings and wrenches; and suction strainers.
  • Duraline is the world’s premier maintenance-free fire hose;
  • Outstanding performance;
  • Exceptional Storage Life;
  • Best value for money;
  • Low Maintenance;
  • Fluid control products for fire and rescue services.


John Holt - Angus Fire portable foam in Nigeria
Angus fire portable
Angus Fire portable foam inductors are designed to be matched to low and medium expansion branchpipes for optimum performance. Colour-coding across the range ensures fast and trouble-free assembly. No colour band means 225 litres/minute; a red colour band means 450 litres/minute; and a blue colour band means 900 litres/minute. It's that easy!
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Minimal manpower required
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Produces top quality foam
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Suitable for all type of foam
  • Efficient foam concentrate consumption
  • Colour-coded for rapid assembly
  • Ideal back-up for fixed foam systems


John Holt - Angus Fire fixed foam in Nigeria
Angus fire fixed foam
Fixed foam systems are increasingly being used at high fire risk facilities because they take the guesswork out of fire fighting. There's no better way of fighting a fire than having a properly designed foam fire fighting system in place before fire breaks out.
  • On-site surveys
  • Project management
  • Design and engineering
  • Documentation
  • Procurement
  • Equipment supply
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Future modifications


John Holt - Angus Fire fixed foam in Nigeria
Angus fire monitor
The Angus Fixed and Mobile, Manual and Remote Control, Water and Foam range of fire fighting monitors sets new standards of performance and flexibility for any high risk environment.

Fixed monitors are found wherever there are substantial Class B fire risks while mobile or portable monitors are often used to protect multiple risks by moving the monitors around the site.

Nearly all industrial fire hazards are candidates for monitor protection, but some of the more common applications are:

  • Refineries
  • Fuel distribution depots
  • Chemical plants
  • Warehouses
  • Helicopter landing pads
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Loading jetties
  • Process plants
  • Industrial process areas
  • Shipping
  • Vehicle-mounted


Angus Fire pumps in Nigeria
Angus fire pump
Self-contained portable fire fighting pumps are an essential tool for modern fire fighters. It is reliable and practical tool for the professionally equipped fire service.

Angus Fire air-or water-cooled portable pumps have high performance petrol or diesel engines of 12 to 60 hp designed to provide flow rates of 550 to 2,300 litres/minute at 7 bar pressure. All models are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 from tough corrosion-resistant materials for long operating life with minimal maintenance. They meet European and US CARB and EPA exhaust emission standards and comply with the European noise emission Regulation EN 12100-2.


John Holt - Rosenbauer Nigeria
Rosenbauer Panther 8x8 MA5
The ROSENBAUER Group one of the world’s largest manufacturer of fire fighting vehicles. With its wide range of municipal fire fighting vehicles and aerials built to both European and US standards (NFPA), its extensive series of aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles (ARFF) and industrial fire fighting vehicles, advanced fire fighting components and fire & safety equipment, ROSENBAUER is the industry`s "full-liner".