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Service - Property Development

At John Holt Properties, we deliver real estate properties of unprecedented scale and quality.

We engage in development that meets the needs of the market in the most efficient manner, whilst remaining relentless and uncompromising with its emphasis on quality control.

John Holt Properties have developed core competence in the development and management of high quality residential and commercial properties. We also engage in facility management.

Concerned about the hassles involved in developing your property?

Need someone with sufficient experience to trust with details of your property and to make real your dream?

Then you are at the right place because at Holt Properties we deliver on our promises.

We give beauty a physical address.

At Holt Properties we offer our services to develop your property from start to finish all in record time such that all you think about is when to move in.

This service encompasses land development, construction and so much more.

For more information, you can contact us at enquiries@holtproperties.com

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